Nessa ネッサ (nessachan) wrote in shonen_knife,
Nessa ネッサ

Rare Shonen Knife Song

Hello Shonen Knife fans! Here is a rare song from Shonen Knife called Hamigaki, about why you should brush your teeth every day! Or else bacteria will move in! No fun, guys!

This song will be appearing on the upcoming Shonen Knife re-release, "Golden Best Shonen Knife" which will feature a mix of classic tracks and a few rares. I believe the re-release date is 12/5/12.

Do you all have your copy of Pop Tune? There are three versions, UK, Japan, and USA, but I think the tracks are all the same. I only have the UK version as of right now so I cannot confirm. I think my favorite track is Psychedelic Life.
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