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The Journal for Shonen Knife Fans [entries|friends|calendar]
Shonen Knife

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Rare Shonen Knife Song [15 Oct 2012|08:43pm]


Hello Shonen Knife fans! Here is a rare song from Shonen Knife called Hamigaki, about why you should brush your teeth every day! Or else bacteria will move in! No fun, guys!

This song will be appearing on the upcoming Shonen Knife re-release, "Golden Best Shonen Knife" which will feature a mix of classic tracks and a few rares. I believe the re-release date is 12/5/12.

Do you all have your copy of Pop Tune? There are three versions, UK, Japan, and USA, but I think the tracks are all the same. I only have the UK version as of right now so I cannot confirm. I think my favorite track is Psychedelic Life.
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Pop Tune [12 Jun 2012|02:23pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Title track of Shonen Knife's new album, Pop Tune! Released in three different versions, US, UK, and Japan.

Buy your copy today!

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Shonen Knife 2012 Tour Dates [24 Apr 2012|01:30am]

[ mood | anxious ]

Hi everyone,

I thought you might like to know that Shonen Knife's latest album, Pop Tune, comes out on 6/6/2012. They are planning a North American tour in association with this record, and they have released their tour dates.

Here they are:

Shonen Knife 2012 North American Tour Dates!

7-19 Philadelphia, PA- Johnny Brenda’s*
7-20 Asbury Park, NJ –Asbury Lanes*
7-21 Brooklyn, NY- The Bell House*
7-22 Hoboken, NJ- Maxwells*
7-24 Providence, RI- Providence Social Club*
7-25 Portland, ME - Space Gallery*
7-26 Allston, MA- Great Scotts*
7-27 Rochester, NY – Bug Jar*
7-28 Long Lake, NY – Mt. Sabattis Pavillion*
7-29 Bethlehem, PA- Levitt Pavillion Steelstacks*
7-30 Detroit, MI- Lager House -*
7-31 Great Rapids, MI- The Pyramid Scheme*
8-2 Chicago, IL- Empty Bottle*
8-3 TBA
8-4 Minneapolis, MN-The Entry
8-5 Fargo, ND- The Aquarium
8-8 Seattle, WA- Tractor Tavern
8-9 Portland, OR- Dante’s
8-10 San Francisco, Ca- Bottom of the Hill
8-11 San Jose, CA- Blank Club
8-12 So Cal. - TBD
8-13 So Cal - TBD
8-14 Tucson, AZ- Club Congress
8-16 Austin, TX- Red 7 -
8-17 Dallas, TX- Club Dada
8-18 Little Rock, AR- Stickyz Rock’n’Roll Chicken
8-19 Nashville, TN- Exit / In*
8-20 Cincinnati, OH- Taft Theatre*
8-21 Cleveland, OH- Beachland Ballroom*
8-22 Toronto, ON- The Quadrangle / Hart House
* w/ opening band White Mystery

If you can manage, I highly recommend you attend. I haven't seen them for several years and unfortunately I don't think I can make any of these dates as they are all too far away from me. However I did see them at the Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland several years ago, so I can recommend that venue as being pretty good.

Anyway, make sure you pre-order or pick up a copy of Pop Tune when it comes out (there will probably be a Japanese, English, and possibly special UK edition), so make sure you collect them all! Haha.

Anyway, yay Shonen Knife!

BBQ Party Behind The CutCollapse )

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Sweet Christmas [10 Dec 2011|10:00am]


Everyone enjoy Shonen Knife's new video. <3
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Shonen Knife at London Scala September 11th 2011 [23 Sep 2011|02:53pm]

Hi - there's a review and some photos up on my Retro Man Blog here:


Hope you like it!

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2009 Concert DVD! [02 Jul 2010|02:15pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Shonen Knife Live At Mohawk Place 2009 DVD will be available at indie record stores on 7/27 at indie stores and Good Charamel Online Store, and 10/19 at other retail stores.
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SK in the Rock "n" Roll Hall of Fame? [22 Jan 2010|11:52pm]


Should Shonen Knife be in the Rock "N" Roll Hall of Fame? I think so! Vote and join the debate using the link below:


Long Live Shonen Knife!

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New Shonen Knife CD coming soon!! [07 Nov 2009|09:34pm]
Hey everybody! I just found out that there is a new SK CD coming soon. Its called "Free Time" and is being released in Japan on January 6, 2010. I found this information on CDJapan's website.

Awesome, I already pre-ordered!!


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Anyone been to any of the new tour dates? [19 Oct 2009|11:44am]

Chicago's show is tomorrow night. I've not heard or seen anything about the new tour. Has anyone who reads this gone to any of the shows on this tour? How was it? Merch?.....etc.
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USA vs. Japan releases [20 Sep 2009|04:00pm]

[ mood | confused ]

Hey everybody,

After taking a more in-depth look at some of Shonen Knife's discography I've realized I didn't know there were so many CD's released in both Japan and US versions. I haven't been able to find a really good place online that really states how to tell the differences between the two versions either. There is the obvious, that each release has different cover art [one "Genki Shock!" has a yellow background and one "Genki Shock!" has a pink background for example), but what else is different with the albums that have and foreign and domestic release??

I have a copy of "Heavy Songs", for example, that someone literally made me a copy of and I always thought it was the English version.... now I'm not so sure. Any helpful hints on how to tell the different albums apart? Both cover art and mabye certain songs sung in Japanese and certain songs sung in Englsih???

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Shonen Knife CDs [04 Sep 2009|06:02pm]

[ mood | i am a cat ]

Shonen Knife Collection

I got bored and took a picture of all of them. 45rpms not pictured.

Click to embiggen/for more info.

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[19 Aug 2009|02:25am]

[ mood | annoyed ]

Hey Shonen Knife fans- I've been waiting for the U.S. dates to be announced. Here they are:

Shonen Knife
Oct. 16 - New York, NY @ Santos Party House
Oct. 17 - Ithaca, NY @ Cornell University
Oct. 18 - Toronto, ON @ Horseshoe Tavern
Oct. 19 - Detroit, MI @ Magic Stick
Oct. 20 - Chicago, IL @ Bottom Lounge
Oct. 21 - Minneapolis, MN @ 7th Street Entry
Oct. 23 - Missoula, MT @ The Badlander
Oct. 24 - Seattle, WA @ Tractor Tavern
Oct. 25 - Vancouver, BC @ Biltmore Cabaret
Oct. 26 - Bellingham, WA @ The Nightlight
Oct. 27 - Portland, OR @ Doug Fir Lounge
Oct. 29 - San Francisco, CA @ Rickshaw Stop
Oct. 30 - San Jose @ Blank Club
Oct. 31 - Visalia, CA @ The Cellar Door
Nov. 1 - Oakland, CA @ Uptown
Nov. 2 - Los Angeles, CA @ Echo
Nov. 3 - San Diego, CA @ Casbah
Nov. 4 - Tucson, AZ @ Plush
Nov. 6 - San Antonio, TX @ Sam’s Burger Joint
Nov. 7 - Austin, TX @ Fun Fun Fun Festival
Nov. 8 - Houston, TX @ Numbers Nightclub
Nov. 10 - Baton Rouge, LA @ Spanish Moon
Nov. 11 - Memphis, TN @ Hi Tone
Nov. 12 - Atlanta, GA @ E.A.R.L.
Nov. 13 - Richmond, VA @ Plaza Bowl
Nov. 14 - Hoboken, NJ @ Maxwells
Nov. 15 - Allston, MA @ Great Scotts
Nov. 16 - Philadelphia, PA @ First Unitarian Church
Nov. 17 - Brookyn, NY @ Brooklyn Bowl
Nov. 18 - Buffalo, NY @ Mohawk Place

Unfortunately for me the venue they are playing in my city is 21+, and I'm 20 : (
Hope everyone who can goes to a show on this tour.

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hey guess what... [09 Jul 2009|11:53am]

Shonen Knife is the best thing ever invented.

That's all.
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[30 Jun 2009|05:14pm]

Wow. I never thought I'd experience a Shonen Knife moshpit.
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2009 SK Tour [21 Mar 2009|09:26pm]

Isn't it great that Shonen Knife announced their 2009 Tour?!  I'm really looking forward to it.

I'm curious - how many long-time fans are out there?  I've been fortunate to catch most of their US tours - the first one going back to 1994.  Every tour is great in my book.   They are by far my favorite band.   Can't wait to see them live again!

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SK boots [10 Feb 2009|12:13pm]
Anyone have any live SK boots to trade? I have 5 or 6 shows to offer if anyone is interested.
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Supergroup [08 Jan 2009|02:26am]

[ mood | bbq party ]

I just want to say:

SUPERGROUP is awesome!!!!

Yay Shonen Knife.

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SK Guitar Tabs [07 Dec 2008|10:38pm]
Hello! Can anybody tell me where to find a good collection of Shonen Knife guitar tabs on the web? I keep finding the same 5 or 6 songs on the usual tab websites. I want to learn how to play Mysterious Drugstore, Giant Kitty, and more.

The new Super Group CD rocks!!

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New SK song [13 Aug 2008|01:54am]
Hi Everybody,
Sorry if this was already posted earlier. I thought you might like to know that there is a new Shonen Knife song called "Evil Birds". It is on a various artist CD called "Kyokuto Saizensen 2". You can find the CD at CDJapan or YesAsia.

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Shonen Knife Forum [15 Jun 2008|04:33pm]

Shonen Knife Forum

The forum is for fans of shonen knife and j-punk. Come join the forum, if your a fan of SK or j-punk.
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