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Shonen Knife
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This is a community for fans of the Japanese Punk-Pop band, Shonen Knife.
This is a community for Shonen Knife fans. :) You don't have to be a superhuge fan to join, sign up if you've heard a little and want to learn more. Talk, trade, book trips to shows... tell your Shonen Knife stories. Share anything related to Shonen Knife. It'll be loads fun.. I hope.

You can compare Shonen Knife to any number of other bands, but lets face it, there's nobody else like Shonen Knife. Truly one of the best bands around! Be kind, relax, and have a chocobar and some mango juice. The Shonen Knife planet is a peaceful one.


No real rules, just be nice to each other and try to stay on topic. :) In a nutshell, don't be mean!

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If anyone has any questions, issues, or comments, don't hesitate to contact me.

Some Useful Shonen Knife Links:
The Shonen Knife Nexus Shonen Knife's official American homepage! Stop here first for Shonen Knife News. =)

Shonen Knife.Net Shonen Knife's official Japanese homepage! =)

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